Receive photos of a loved one whenever you send a txt

$4 a day

$129 a month with 3 cameras fully installed

3 month minimum contract

Try it now.....txt the word 'photo' to 0444 515 866

Our unique service does not use a traditional help desk. When you call you will be dealing directly with the people who run the business and install the cameras.

Our cameras are high quality modern 4G mobile phones purchased here in Australia.

There is no app to download.

There is no set-up and configuration required by you...... We take care of all of that for you.

There is no user manual for our service, if you can send a txt from your phone you are ready to use our service.

There is no username or password for you to remember.

There is no annoying online account sign-up.

There is no internet connection required to use our service because we use the 4G mobile phone network.

For privacy, we do not back-up or store any data on the internet and we do not transmit any data using the internet.

Our cameras use Telstra SIM cards.

SIM cards are included.

Data is included with the SIM cards.

Installation is free.

Our installation is clean and non-destructive, meaning there are no holes to drill.

You will receive 3 cameras which can be placed anywhere inside the home. When we install we will help you choose the best location for the cameras. Our cameras can be easily moved later if you change your mind.

You can register 5 family or friends phone numbers so they can use the service along with you.

You and your 5 registered family members can request an unlimited number of photos.

There is a lifetime replacement parts warranty.

You can apply for ACAT funding for this product.

Our service only costs $ 129 per month including 3 cameras fully installed.

Our 3 month minimum contract cost is $387.